Automated Sales Intelligence Review – Tread Carefully

In this review of the Automated Sales Intelligence Machine (ASI), I’ll take you behind the system, its predecessors, and the REAL truth behind the automation. Is this the end to your Network Marketing nightmare? Will you finally find your success? Will this work for anyone (even you)? Let’s find out…

This system was designed by Don Glanville who has been in this industry for about 2 decades (maybe even longer).

The guy knows how to build successful systems and that’s a fact. He was the man behind many successful Internet Marketing stories that put names like…Jay Kubassek (former Carbon Copy Pro founder and now 6 Figure Mentors Co Founder), Brian Finale (My Lead Systems Pro Co Founder), Jonathon Budd (former Global Resorts Network Internet Superstar and one of MOBE’s Top Super Affiliates) and Justin Verrengia (one of Empower Network’s Top Guns among many other Big Name Players in our the Internet Marketing / Make Money Online World today.

I am not saying that Glanville was directly responsible for their success since each marketer has to earn success and pay the price for it in their own way.

But Glanville’s systems along with his ‘Mindset’ and coaching abilities allowed these marketers to basically piggy back on his success and experience.

Don knows sales psychology inside out. He understands how people make decisions and can predict how numbers will work out overall in the market.

He is like the guy in the Matrix movie who can look at the code of the Matrix and see how what’s going to happen but more importantly…

Make things happen.

If you have ever heard of the expression…”Inside the Mind of a Successful Internet Marketer”, then that would be a peek inside the mind of Don Glanville.

He has been creating systems since the early 2000’s.

1- His first real big accomplishment came from a company that marketed ‘Personal Development’ Products…A Big Ticket opportunity that started at $1,500 (entry level product) that ran all the way up to $21,000.

His first system and sales psychology was behind the overall success of a “Top Tier Pioneer” of the BIG TICKET Direct Sales types of companies.

2- The Reverse Funnel System – An Internet Marketing based platform that changed many lives and created some Millionaires out of normal average guys (even Pizza Delivery men).

3- ARP (Auto Recruiting Platform) which was the ‘BETA’ Version of The Automated Sales Intelligence System. This system was in Beta for about 2 years (maybe longer) and some affiliates thought that it wasn’t going to launch.

The stress that Don went through (along with the time involved in creating a system of such Magnitude) caused him to sport a ZZ Top type of beard.

He has has created other systems but I will only focus on his 3 Biggest (and most successful ones).

SMS Platform: Alike ARP, Automated Sales Intelligence runs off of SMS Texting Platform.

How the System Works:

1- As website traffic enters the system, they are greeted by a video and then urged to enter their cell phone number to receive a four digit code in order to ‘opt’ in and start receiving information from the system legally.

2- Only the more ‘serious’ people will enter their cell phone numbers and proceed. Statistics have shown that people who are willing to give up their cell phones (as opposed to their email address) are more serious and are more likely to “BUY” sooner than a email lead.

3- After the lead takes the first step by verifying their cell phone number, they are greeted with another video. Basically at this point, only the real serious person will proceed.

It saves you a lot of time and effort by weeding out the tire kickers (who most likely aren’t planning on joining your business) that will just use up your time and energy.

This is also an opportunity for people who already have ‘primary’ businesses On and OFF line who just want a way to be able to sell their OWN Products and services with this system and the power of SMS. If you are in this boat, you have the option of creating your own ‘custom’ funnels for your team and opportunity.

Recap: Two Ways to Make Money:

1- System Re seller.

2- Custom Funnel selling your own products.

Will this system bring you success?

If you are a person in need of a POWERFUL system that will assist you in selling your own products, services and even help your team, then this will definitely help. SMS blows the doors off email marketing any day!

If you are a person who has been struggling for a while to make consistent money Online then yes the system can help you shorten the GAP between where you are right now and getting the type of results that you are looking for.

However, if your success has ‘seemed’ to be eluding you for a long time, this is usually due to ‘Mindset’ issues. And if that’s the case, then no system will give you your success until you figure out what your main problem is.

The only person who is responsible for your success is you.

This concludes my review of the Automated Sales Intelligence System.

Thanks for reading!

No system will give you success without the proper Mindset, tools and training. The ONLY people that ever become successful online, are the ones that create their own traffic, build their own brand (YOU INC) and keep working on a successful mindset that will support you instead of opposing you.

This system will teach you how!

Everyone else is chasing ‘shiny’ balls.

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