FX Farms Review

Is FX Farms a illegitimate Forex Trading and investment opportunity based out of the United Kingdom? Or is it a poorly designed scam or Ponzi scheme created to Runaway with your ROI money? Let’s find out… FX Farms The Company: Unfortunately not too much information is being provided on their website as to who owns … [Read more…]

Amadeus Bank Review

I went over to amadeusbank.com and tried to figure out who owned this company. To me personally, if this actually was a real Bank, why would they allow affiliates to join? Real banks don’t have affiliate programs. While doing this review Amadeus Bank, too many things didn’t add up. Whenever you are looking to invest … [Read more…]

Amway 2020 Review

Amway is a very successful Multibillion dollar MLM company that is being run in over 100 countries worldwide, got over 23,000 plus employees (non MLM workers who earn a salary) and they even own smaller corporations under their umbrella. But even with them being so successful, there are many haters who are calling it a … [Read more…]

Frequency Forex Trading Review

I have been noticing a lot of MLM Crypto Schemes being launched out of Spain lately. The new kid on the block today is called Frequency or frequencyy.com. This system is also being referred to as FXTV version number 2.0. Frequency is being promoted mostly in South America particularly Uruguay and Mexico. Frequency is more … [Read more…]

Kuailian Crypto Review

I went over to kuailiandp.com and was greeted with an Event Video from Barcelona that looked very impressive. Then immediately under that was a link to get me to join. Even though the event from October 2019 that featured Kuailian’s official launch in Spain looked like fun, I wasn’t just ready to hand over my … [Read more…]

MMM BSC Review

The Original MMM MLM Investment Platform was regarded worldwide as one of the Biggest Ponzi Schemes in history. Millions of people originally lost tons of dollars and even their Life Savings. Are the original MMM founders behind this MMM BSC system (mmmbsc.global) and will new investors experience the same level of trauma? Let’s find out… … [Read more…]

Instant Cash Solution 2020 Review

I have been seeing this Instant Cash Solution system around for over a year now. Is it a legitimate way to make money online or just an illegal Gifting Scheme? Many affiliates have been posting their affiliate links all over Social Media especially Facebook groups. But is this ‘Simple’ Copy and Paste Method that Instant … [Read more…]

Cloud Token – Will They Pay Investors?

Cloud Token hasn’t paid it’s own investors / affiliates since October 2019. Recruitment seemed to have dried up. Once this happens, no more newly invested funds enter the system. Since there is no verifiable ‘outside’ revenue to payout investors, a collapse happens. Now will you get paid what you are owed? Watch This Full Video … [Read more…]

YT Supremacy Review

Is Chris Derenberger and Robert Robin Palmer’s YT Supremacy Course Legit? Can you build authority and rank your videos better on You Tube? How much does it cost? Does it really work? Let’s find out… Watch This Video For Full YT Supremacy Review: Watch This Video For Full YT Supremacy Review: Still Looking For A … [Read more…]