Artius Club Review

Is a real way to earn long lasting income? What kind of Products do they have? Can you fire your boss with this compensation plan?

Let’s find out…

Artius Club The Company:

I went over to their website and could not figure out who is running this company, system and platform.

Their was no one claiming any ownership or leadership on their own website legally .

What we seem to be dealing with is a case of anonymous ownership.

I did see mention of this being based out of The Dominican Republic.

They also are calling it a ‘Private Enterprise’ on their website.

Artius Club Product Line:

They have no retailable products or services at the moment.

However their seems to be Gaming Products and a CPA Network that are accessible by members after they join.

Artius Club Compensation Plan:

You have 2 ways to earn income:

1- Get people to join and then purchase gaming products.

2- Get people to click on your affiliate links and earn $$$ if they take action and buy products.

Advertising Commissions:

Place links ‘strategically’ online and once people start taking specific actions like making a purchase you can earn a 50% direct commission.

Residual Commissions:

They seem to be paying out residuals using a Uniline Comp Plan and paying out to 6 Levels deep:

Level 1- 15% (Personally sponsored affiliates).

Level 2- 4%

Level 3 & 4- 2%

Level 5 & 6- 1%

Cost to Join:

$35 minimum.


Artius Club is an Anonymously owned platform that is marketing gaming products for revenue.

They are using Network Marketing as a means of bringing in New income.


I don’t recommend this platform because their are too many red flags:

1- Anonymous Ownership: When ever we see a company that is not letting you know who they really are, then they must have something to hide.

This also an indicator that they may not want to be held legally responsible or liable should their company experience any legal issues.

2- Products: The products that they seem to have at Artius Club seem like Chinese knock off products (that can already be found readily online).

Nothing special or unique.

3- Training: It’s only $35 to get started here.

The problem?

The problem is in the World of Entrepreneurship, value is the most powerful commodity.

With low cost (or free) business opportunities, their really isn’t any training (or not much) to offer you.

And I predict that most of the people who join this deal will end up ‘spamming’ their links all over Facebook, you tube and any other place they can find online.

Why is this bad?

Online, people don’t join systems. They join people who portray traits of Leadership and Value.

When people see someone spamming their links online, they perceive them as desperate ‘inexperienced’ new marketers.

Most people will stay far away from BOTH you and your getting started links!

Don’t do it!

This concludes my Review of Artius Club.

Rory Singh

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