Amway 2020 Review

Amway is a very successful Multibillion dollar MLM company that is being run in over 100 countries worldwide, got over 23,000 plus employees (non MLM workers who earn a salary) and they even own smaller corporations under their umbrella.

But even with them being so successful, there are many haters who are calling it a scam, cult and many other low down and dirty things.

How could a company like Amway stay in business, grow and even prosper if it were a Scam?

Amway HQ – Ada, Michigan

Wouldn’t they have been shut down by the Federal Trades Commission a long time ago?

So why are there so many disgruntled folks hating on Amway?

Why is this happening?


It has something to do with their Mindset (just 1 ‘side’ of this problem).

Don’t worry, I will explain further in more detail what I mean. Just keep reading…

Before I go any further, this Review of Amway is being written by a non member!

I never had or have anything to do with Amway!

I never promoted Amway!

Why Am I Writing This Review Even Though I’m Not Affilated With Amway?

1- They lead the charge!

Because of what they started over 60 years ago, there are literally Millions of people now earning Full Time Incomes from home.

And the kicker is that many are not even in Amway!

Yes Amway and Alticor has a large share of Success stories along with a list of Millionaires who became successful with them but…

There are thousands of other MLM companies who got started after Amway lead the charge and…

Each MLM company has it’s own success stories as well!

2- Millions of Internet Marketers now earn full time incomes from home!

Yes marketing affiliate products and companies online is a different beast from MLM but many online marketers were once Network Marketers.

I myself am an affiliate marketer online who makes money by selling products and services on the internet to people I never met.

I make money selling stuff online to people I never met!

Affiliate marketing is built off the Home Based Business idea…

And the home biz idea was built off of MLM…

And the ongoing success for the MLM industry as a whole for the past 60 plus years or so would have never happened if it wasn’t for the original Amway Founders!

There are literally people making 4, 5, 6 and even 7 figures from the comfort of their own homes (who no longer trade time for money) because of what Amway started back in 1959!

Okay now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, in this Review, you will find out the truth…

Is it a legitimate business opportunity (for the average person) or is it a scam where no one is able to succeed?

Let’s find out…

Amway The Company and History:

Amway was created back in 1959 by two Americans named Jay Van Andel and Richard Devos.

They were both married with children and both had jobs in order to put roof and shelter over their family along with food on the table.

Richard Devos and Jay Van Andel

Even though they had very limited time and money, they wanted more for their families.

They started a few brick and mortar businesses one of which being a flight instruction school.

Eventually they heard about Network Marketing that promised a ‘better’ lifestyle for people who were coachable, trainable and who followed through with drive, determination and persistence.

They even started reading books to help them think, act and become better people (what some haters are referring to as ‘self help’).

Then they rolled up their sleeves and went to work in their new ‘side’ income deals…

They became top distributors for a Direct Selling company that sold health and wellness products like vitamins.

They were so impressed with the products and the pay plan that they worked so hard that they ended up having more than 5,000 members / distributors in their down line.

Humble Beginning Amway

To make a long story short, Jay and Richard ended up leaving that Network Marketing company behind to start their own company.

They also took some of their top leaders with them.

This was the beginning of an MLM giant called The American Way (later renamed Amway).

Amway Current Owners:

Steve Van Andel and Doug Devos

The founders have left their legacy to be run by their sons Steve Van Andel and Doug Devos who overlook the company as Chairman on the board of directors.

Amway CEO:

Milind Plant. He left his career of being the President of Pizza Hut International behind to work for Amway.

Milind Pant Amway CEO

Amway crossed over $8.8 Billion in sales in 2018.

The Amway corporation is bigger than Ebay, Starbucks and Visa.

Amway is bigger than other brick and mortar corporations like Avon and Herbalife that also sell via the MLM business model.

Amway has over 23,000 (and growing) employees that range from general labourers to dock workers to clerical staff to even truck drivers and Scientists.

All of these people (employees) are non distributors. They work for Amway but earn a salary for a paycheck.

Amway owns hotels, stores, centers, medical centers and many other businesses under its Alticor Corporation.

They even own a basket ball team called The Orlando Magic along with the building that houses them called The Amway Center.

I can’t even get to the bottom of how many other businesses, centers and institutions that amway owns.

There’s just so many!

Amway Philanthropy
The Helen Devos Children’s Hospital

Did I mention Richard and Helen Devos built a hospital for sick kids:

Now beyond the idea of Multibillion Corporation, thousands and thousands of employees and all the stuff Amway owns, did I leave anyone out?

Yes I forgot to mention the hundreds of other businesses that help to create the Amway Product Line.

Amway Helps Farmers and Truckers

They have businesses that grow special worms for them, farmers that grow crops for them, outside 3rd party trucking companies that haul for them and even lab workers that work for 3rd party labs (outside Amway Groups / Private Firms) that rely on Amway for Revenue.

Where am I going with all this info?

Well we have an ignorant group of people going around and bad mouthing Amway calling it a ‘Pyramid’ Scheme.

But little do they realize how many families that they feed off the idea of selling products.

Amway and its work may feed hundreds of thousands of people.

From the people (23,000 +) employees to the countless families that benefit from someone’s mom or dad who works for one of the organizations outside of the Amway umbrella.

From farmers to truckers to Scientists and the list goes on and on!

Amway Scientists

Why am I stressing on accomplishments made by Amway as a company?

Because I don’t think most people really understand the depth of how successful Amway is.

They are a Mega Corporation that was built on the MLM business model.

Donations To Charities:

They donate Millions of dollars to different charities worldwide every single year:

Philanthropist Richard Devos Was A Giver!

It should be clear by now that Amway (Alticor) is a Legitimate Company that has a ton of employees, buildings, centers, medical facilities and even third party businesses that rely on them for income.

How Many MLM Distributors Do They Have Worldwide?

They have over 3 Million reps and distributors all over the globe. When ever Amway hosts an event anywhere on the globe, you can always expect line ups a mile long (just like with Rock Concerts):

Not only do they have Millions of reps but they have also helped create many Millionaires who were just ordinary people that had jobs and full time family lives.

Why Do Some People Call Amway A Scam Cult?

Amway Cult?

The way people are taught to build their distributorship is by recruiting people from their warm market list. Now once their warm market list gets exhausted quickly, many distributors desperately try to coherst people in the public (strangers) to come to meetings.

I myself don’t like these types of training methods of trying to recruit complete strangers and then convincing them to join an MLM.

However, this is the way that the great majority of distributors in MLM have been taught to build there business industry wide.

And even despite the ‘criticism’ that the MLM industry faces by the masses, it has been proven to work for people who have ‘certain’ personality types.

I myself got involved with MLM years ago but didn’t like this type of training.

To me there are better ways to generate ‘qualified’ leads for business online hence why I became an affiliate marketer.

I now sell products and services of value to people who ‘Express’ a need for them but the best part is I never speak or meet with any of them.

I have learned how to get people who want my products to come to me instead.

I love it!

But the great majority of Network Marketers are forced to promote their opportunity to the general public who are usually ‘unqualified’.

I have seen a few hate videos on YouTube where some people are calling Amway a Cult Scam.

The real problem with this idea building a home based business is most of these people are very untargetted.

They are the opposite of a qualified lead lol.

Unqualified Business Lead

Most of them are pretty much clueless in regards to Entrepreneurship.

Most of them want a job and are ‘stuck’ in an employee Mindset!

I seen one video on YouTube where a young lady (who appears to still be living with her parents) got invited to an Amway meeting at a mansion.

Another video was hosted by yet another young person (this time a boy) still living at home with mommy and daddy.

He wouldn’t understand a business opportunity if a bag of money landed on his forehead.

This kid obviously was not yet ready for a business since he still portrays an image of immature adolescence (even though he is in his twenties).

Another video portrays a lady who appears to be a stay at home mom that does ‘rant’ videos for money.

She’s ranting about Amway, Cult and Scam just so she can get views, likes and a little you tube adsense money.

I am aware that there have been some You Tubers like Lilly Singh (who used to make videos from her bedroom across the street from my house) who made Millions.

Lilly Singh AKA YT Superwoman

But compared to all the you tubers around the world, these success stories are few and far between.

I make a decent income from You Tube but it’s not from Adsene money.

You Tube money is like online welfare when you compare it to affiliate marketing.

Don’t get me wrong, I am in gratitude for the exposure that I get from YT but the ad sense income is very low…

In general to earn $1, you need like a thousand views.

But if you find good affiliate programs to market, 1000 views can equal to $1,000. *Mind you, I have been trained how to do successful video and affiliate Marketing.

Why am I mentioning this?

Because most of the videos that I have seen from people bashing Amway don’t really seem to business savvy.

And the real problem is that the great majority of people who are trying to succeed with Amway (and other MLM’S) have to unfortunately recruit from the masses and quite frankly the great majority of the masses are NOT a good target market!

Why Does Amway Still Teach Such Painful Methods?

They are still teaching this type of training because it is easily understood by the plenty of distributors who also come with an Employee Mindset.

Yes it may sound bad what I just said but it’s really the truth.

Most people aren’t cut out for business.

And most people are not cut out because most have a hard time of letting go of past conditioning.

When we are little children, the conditioning starts to get us all to become ‘workers’ enslaved to ‘feed’ the economy.

And most people on this planet just can’t shake this kind of conditioning.

Some Amway Distributors Are Too Desperate.

Why would I say something that awful?

Because it’s the truth!

In spite of poking some fun about some of the people reps have to drag into their business meetings, some of the Amway Network Marketers are just way too Desperate!

They seen some of the lifestyles that some of Amways top marketers created (to the tune of Millions) and end up trying to bring in the wrong people.

Some Network Marketers have been known to some really dumb stuff in hope of making it to Success.

So the real problem with companies like Amway are a combination of some desperate folks along with ‘unqualified’ people.

Amway Review – The Conclusion:

In this review I have proven that Amway is in fact a Legitimate company. I also mentioned that they would have been shut down years ago if they didn’t sell retail able products and services.

Sure there are products being purchased by distributors but there is enough retail sales happening company wide to justify them as being legally set up with the rules out laid by the Federal Trades Commission.

If Amway was illegal, they wouldn’t have been in business for the past sixty something years.

People make money in the end based on how much products they are able to sell.

If you don’t sell products, you don’t make money.

No Scam or cult exists.

This concludes my Amway 2020 Review.

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