Aladin Coin Review

Aladin Coin ReviewIn this review…find out if this platform is legit, reputable and most importantly…profitable!

When ever doing research and due diligence on an income opportunity,  It’s always a good practice to really know what you are getting into.

Your decisions and especially your actions are your responsibility (No matter how much hype you hear).

I have seen thousands of people claiming that they got scammed after investing into another platform called BitConnect but in the end…it was them that openly decided to invest into a Ponzi Scheme.

After creating so many reviews, I have come to the conclusion that most people online are so desperate for financial change that most don’t really care whether they are investing into Ponzis.

Most only care about one thing…

Getting paid.

They want to know whether the thing is going to pay out (or not).

Most don’t care about the details.

But it’s in the details where your earnings and potential lie.

Okay let’s get right into this  Aladin  coin review…

Aladin Coin the Company:

I went on over to their website and can’t figure out who is running this show.

No President, CEO or founders.

Aladin Coin Owners:  Anonymous.

I did see the following claim though:

Backed by financial institutes and Hedge Funding.

They also seem to claim that the aladin coin will perform better than Bitcoins.

Aladin Coin Product Line:

They have absolutely no retailable products or services at the moment. The only thing that their affiliates have to market is the affiliate make money membership itself.

Compensation Plan:

Aladin Coin has a very simple comp plan…

Invest your money for the promise of 0.83 – 1% daily ROI.

They have 8 plans to choose from:

1- Starter: Invest $180 and receive a daily ROI over 180 days.

2- Trainer: Invest $500 and receive a daily ROI over a 210 day period.

3- Basic: Invest $1,000 and receive a daily ROI over a 240 day period.

4- Premium: Invest $2,500 and receive a daily ROI over a 270 day period.

5- Pro: Invest $8,000 and receive a daily ROI over a 300 day period.

6- Pro Plus: Invest Invest $20,000 and receive a daily ROI over a 330 day period.

7- Pro X 2: Invest $50,000 and receive a daily ROI over a 360 day period.

8- VIP: Invest $100,000 and receive a daily ROI over a 390 day period.

**How much commission an investor makes will also depend greatly on what level of rank they achieve.

Aladin Coin seems to have 8 ranks that you can work your way through to (from Gold to Crown Diamond).

This system is looking like Amway meets Crypto.

Referral Commission:

Aladin Coin referral commission will be dependant on which plan an affiliate decides to invest in.

Clearly this is a pay to play affiliate program.


Aladin Coin looks like another Ponzi Scheme / HYIP that revolves around recruitment for revenue creation.


I don’t recommend this platform.


They clearly have all the tell tale red flags in place.

1- Anonymous owners.

2- Promise of Income. Anything that promises you an income for doing absolute nothing is a red flag!

3- Aladin Coin claims that their Revenue is being created from legitimate trading and mining.

They also claimed that they are being backed by Financial institutions and Hedge Funds.

Where is the proof?

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Rory Singh

Rory is a Husband, Father and Entrepreneur from Ontario, Canada. If you got some value here today and would like to connect, reach out to me on Facebook.

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  1. Fraud everywhere on this one. Aladin Coin and Macrotrend capital are one and same and run out of the US. google ripoff report and you can see the whole thing. goggle mlm aladin coin ponzi scheme and you can see same.

  2. Ges Hoo

    Thank you for this. Aladincoin ownership is Aladin Capital LLC ( This has MacroTrend Capital Group LLC ( as an owner among other dubious characters . These owners are the same folks. The principals are largely the same who claim they can fund very real start-up to mid-cap companies in need of growth capital.
    Only problem is they never fund.
    The HSBC bank guarantee along with a supposed hedge fund claimed to secure Aladincoin are bogus.
    This whole thing appears to be a ponzi scam to drive membership revenues for Aladincoin and fees for MacroTrend Capital. Not recommended.

  3. from Ripoff Report – thought this was interesting

    #2 UPDATE EX-employee responds
    AUTHOR: al – (Vietnam)
    SUBMITTED: Tuesday, June 05, 2018
    nothing he says is real. i worked for him and saw with my own eyes. i quit before he could ruin me.

  4. rory – check this out…the scam continues
    Re: Too Many Scams Impacting Bitcoin – Aladin Coin
    Today at 02:48:51 PM
    Aladin Capital is now AKYOH
    Aladin Coin is now AVANA COIN

    In JUly 2018 the Aladin Capital site was moved to AKYOH.COM. The aladin Coin (AIC) should be replaced by the new Avana Coin.
    THe name is new, the game is the same. The same people behind Aladin Capital re-branded the system because Aladin Capital/Aladin Coin were allready notorious for being an investment scam.
    Check out their new page:
    It is still the same MLM/ Ponzi-scheme behind !

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