Acai Plus Review – Should You Run With It or Away?

I won’t go into great detail here about the products and company since you most likely have already reviewed the corporate business overview and are just looking for some last minute answers.The company is a network marketing (MLM) direct selling business that manufactures products in the health and wellness industry. Their products claim to help people lose weight and provide ‘nutritional’ value.Product Line:

  1. Fitness Magic – weight loss capsules
  2. Cell Magic – multivitamins
  3. Tri Strips – Super vitamin b-12 digestible strips

How does it work? You basically have to ‘recruit’ or ‘sponsor’ people in your downline in order to sell products and make money with this income opportunity. You recruit new reps by sending people to an online business overview.

Is this a good company? They seem to have a good product that is used by many people. The company was first started in the late 90′s so if they are still in existence today, then that’s a good sign that they will last for the long run.

The founder is Greg Gunderson who owns the ‘parent’ company – Tri Unity International (another health and wellness organization).

Can you make money? Yes you can just as long as you can keep finding new business leads that are looking for an opportunity. Most people quit out of frustration because of the lack of prospects to show the business to.

Should you join? Well if you have never gotten started in any MLM or network marketing business, this company can give you an ‘opportunity’ to cut your teeth. If you are really passionate about health, wellness, Acai Plus and MLM, then this may be a good opportunity.

They seem to be a good company that has good products and an affordable start up. Yes I give them that. The compensation plan seems to match the low start up costs so yes you can make money with them but how much, only a successful Acai Plus rep would know.

The main problem with these type of low cost start up companies is the education and training that they offer. Since the price is low, these type of companies don’t really offer you much in actual training on how to really market and promote the company like a pro.

Most people usually quit because they run out of ‘warm’ market people to talk and sell to (family and friends).

Most of these low cost MLM’s are designed more for the company to make money than the actual reps who are doing most of the work.

They figure that most ‘average’ people can make about 3 personal sales before giving up. So they basically get a lot of people to sell a ‘little’ which adds up in a lot of profits for the company over time.


I felt like this opportunity had too many red flags and for those reasons I am out!

Here is a legitimate income opportunity that I found online that has more profit potential than Academy…

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