Abundance Network Relaunch Review

Abundance Network Shutdown (Collapse) in July:

I did a review of this company and system back towards the end of June when Abundance Network first launched. And in that initial review I didn’t recommend this system.

However, by July the system already collapsed.

Jeff Long (the founder) claimed that they could not keep SMS Service Providers due to flaws in their business model.

Every Service Provider that they took on bailed on The Abundance Network one after the other.

Long said it was due on large part to their business model having pass ups. Also… He said that the providers also received a large number of Spam Complaints.

Abundance Network New Compensation Plan:

Level 1-

Cost: $200

-Referring affiliate gets $100

-Referring affiliate’s Sponsor gets $50

-Company gets $50

Master Reseller:

Cost: $697

-Referring affiliate gets $500

-Company gets $197

Referring Affiliates make 50% on level 1 sales and 72% on the Master Reseller level.

Problem With Abundance Network?

Long said he removed pass ups to be more compliant with Service Providers. Is this really true?

I don’t think so.


Because on level 1 (according to their new comp plan), $50 is still being passed up.

Abundance Network Conclusion:

I still feel that the issues that plagued this system before are still plaguing them now…

1- They still have pass ups.

2- The authorities consider schemes like this scams.


Because members receive payments directly (Pier to Pier) and there is no talk or focus on selling any products or services.

This compensation plan seems like a whole bunch of people moving a whole bunch of money around.

And this makes it look like a big gifting scheme.

I think that Abundance Network is still going to end up in new problems with their new Service Provider.


Because their will (still) be a whole bunch of people getting a whole bunch of other people to ‘opt’ into their new SMS systems and do you know what most likely will happen?

There’s still going to be a lot of complaints from people who claim that they are getting SPAM about make money scams to their phones.

The Author


I didn’t recommend them the first time round and surely don’t recommend them now.

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