Aaron Rashkin Review

Aaron Rashkin is husband and business partner to his beautiful wife Sophia. He is also a 7  figure earner in the home business industry, master copy writer and internet marketing coach. The couple work their business from a the house next door to where they live that they purchased from a ‘former’ neighbor.

Aaron said this is a house that was ‘bought’ by his efforts in this industry.

They also hold training events for their team there and charge upcoming internet rockstars a fee to spend sometime and learn from them at this location.

Aaron has over 20 years of experience in the home business arena and has paid the price for his success just like any other leader that has come before him.

He came from a personal fitness trainer background and Sophia came from the real estate industry.

Together the duo have become what you could call the ‘perfect’ storm all under ‘one’ roof – she is an expert in generating a lot of traffic in the paid media domain and he is a master copy writer, prospector and professional communicator.

As far as I understand, they met at some kind of mlm company or training event.

A match made in heaven?

Only Aaron knows.

The duo used to build mlm businesses in the past with success in the ‘old’ school ways but then ventured into the world of direct sales and online advertising.

Since then, they have become one of the highest paid Internet marketers today.

If your wandering if working with the Rashkins is a good idea for your career?

I wouldn’t think too long and hard about it.

Want to become successful just like Aaron?

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