5Linx Review – Buyer Beware or Great Opportunity?

Read this review to find out if you should be running from 5Linx or running from it (fast and furiously). Someone shared their 5Linx home business opportunity with you and you’re looking to either get talked into or out of joining. Well this review will give you some information to help you make a ‘quick’ but educated decision.

The company is another telecommunications type of MLM that was started back in 2000. They seem to have a wide range of products to offer customers who use  these types of products.

Is this a scam?

No. A scam doesn’t pay out commissions and they seem to be paying. However with that said, I don’t know how good their products and customer support are.

How do you make money with them?

You have to sell products. Most likely if you are reading this article right now, then you have most likely already gone through the business overview website and are now looking for answers.

With any opportunity, you get paid by the amount of products that you can sell. You sell products on the internet by putting ‘targeted’ traffic through a sales funnel and then a good system should convert X amounts of visitors into sales. Keep in mind that most of these systems like 5Linx do not seem to have a follow up system built in to send your prospects emails.

Most people don’t join the first time they see the presentation of any business.

So these types of systems would need a lot more leads than normal since it seems like a one time overview per lead that you introduce to the 5Linx website.

Their commission seem to be very low – you will receive one point per product sold. You need 10 points to make $100. Sure some people may buy more than one product from you but how many will do that?

You can make $400 if you manage to get 20 points.

Should you join?

Look, the biggest challenge that you will have in any business is to get enough leads to review your opportunity. People are people and most of them tend to be procrastinators. Many others are overwhelmed with so called opportunities all over the net.

The opportunity has to really reward you for your efforts because adults require thousands of dollars per month to pay their bills.

How many people would you have to sell to just to make a thousand bucks with this deal? 10 points or 10 customers just to make a measly 100 bucks? Come one people.

I’ll leave it up to you to decide.


I felt like this opportunity had too many red flags and for those reasons I am out!

Here is a legitimate income opportunity that I found online that has more profit potential than Academy…

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