251 Coins Review

251 Coins Review

251 Coins seems to be a Crypto Currency Gifting Scheme which is not legal in all countries. Before joining it would be best to seek legal council and tell them about your intentions.

251 Coins The Company:

I went over to their website at 251coins.com and can’t figure out who is running this company, system and platform.

There is no President, CEO, Co-founders or even any leadership council.

No one claiming any ownership of this company!

What we have here is a case of anonymous ownership!

251 Coins Product Line:

They have absolutely no products or services that are retailable at the moment. The only thing their affiliates and distributors have to market is the make money membership itself.

251 Coins Compensation Plan:

What we have here is a 3 X 5 Matrix Cycler.

There are 3 different Matrices.

1- The first one deals with BTC.

2- The second one deals with Ethereum.

3- The third one deals with Dash.

In order to get involved you have the option to buy into anyone (or all three if you choose).

I will explain how each Matrix works by using the BTC Matrix as an example:

1- You ‘gift’ 0.0001 BTC to your up line sponsor.

2- This buys you a position at the top of the Matrix.

3- Directly below you are 3 positions that have to be filled.

3- As they fill, each person in each position will pass up 0.0001 BTC to you (0.001 X 3 payments).

The first level of this Matrix is complete. Each of the 3 positions in level one ‘split’ into two more positions each to form the next level of the Matrix and so on!

4- Level Two: You gift 0.0002 BTC up. There are 9 positions in this level. Once positions are filled, (9 X 0.0002 BTC Are passed up to you.

5- Level Three: You gift 0.001 BTC. Once all 27 positions are filled, you receive (0.001 BTC X 27).

6- Level Four: You gift 0.01 BTC. Once all 81 positions are filled, you receive (0.01 BTC X 81).

7- Level Five: You gift 0.1 BTC. Once all 243 positions are filled, you receive (0.01 BTC X 243).

Cost To Join 251 Coins:

1- 0.0001 BTC

2- 0.001 Ethereum

3- 0.001 Dash

*You can join anyone or all 3.**


I don’t recommend this platform.


There are too many red flags in place:

1- Anonymous owners. When ever a company is not being transparent, they obviously have something to hide as common sense should dictate.

2- Gifting Schemes are illegal in many countries!

3- Schemes like this are very risky and usually collapse after recruitment dies down (or they get shut down by authorities.

When this happens the ‘anonymous’ owners usually run away with the Lion’s share of the profits (and in this case your BTC, Ethereum or Dash).

They’ll dash with your DASH!

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