24/7 Gains Review

In this review all of 24/7 Gains , find out if this is a legitimate way to make ROI or if this is just another Ponzi scheme designed to take all of your money.

Is this platform and system sustainable?

Who is behind this company really?

Let’s find out…

24 / 7 Gains The Company and Founders:

The first thing that I did what’s go over to their website at 24gaines.co.

I quickly figured out we are dealing with here is another case of anonymous ownership.

No president, CEO, co-founders, CFO, CMO or any Leadership Council.

No one claiming any ownership or leadership of this company system and platform on their own website legally.

24 / 7 Gains Product Line:

They have absolutely no products services that are retailable at the moment. The only thing Affiliates can Market or promote is the make money membership itself.

24 / 7 Gaines Compensation Plan:

Their compensation plan is quite simple.  Investors use their BTC as an investment for an advertised ROI.

They have 8 Plans to choose from:

1- Invest 0.025 BTC and receive a daily ROI of 1%.

2 – Invest 0.05 BTC and receive a daily ROI of 1%.

3 – Invest 0.1 BTC and receive a daily ROI of 2.2%.

4 – Invest 0.25 BTC and receive a daily ROI of 2.2%.

5 – Invest 0.5 BTC and receive a daily ROI of 2.2%.

6 – Invest 1 BTC and receive a daily ROI of 2.2%.

7 – Invest 2.5 BTC and receive a daily ROI of 2.2%.

8 – Invest 5 BTC and receive a daily ROI of 2.5%.

24 / 7 Gains Residual Commission:

They are paying out using a binary compensation plan.

Please Note:

In order to earn residual Commission, this will be based on your initial investment.

Cost to join:

FREE: It’s free for all the network marketing professionals out there. However, you will only be able to earn referral commissions.

Passive People: for all of the passive people who want to earn passive income you will need to invest between 0.025 to 5 BTC.

24 / 7 Gains Conclusion:

I don’t recommend this platform.


Because there are too many red flags hidden place.

1 –  Anonymous owners:

Whenever system owners are anonymous most likely they have something to hide or something to gain.

These type of systems usually collapse due to a lack of recruitment or if the authorities decide to shut them down for whatever reason.

When owners are anonymous they are not held liable for any damages.

2 – Promise of Income for doing nothing: Yes this may be a form of investing however, you may be potentially investing into a  Ponzi scheme.

3 – Revenue: they claim that their revenue is being created from mining and trading however there is no proof that any such activities are actually happening.


If you are going to invest into this platform anyway, then invest no more than you’re willing to lose.

Also, please take full responsibility for any of your decisions.

This concludes my review of 24 /7 Gains.

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