Omnia Tech Review – Crypto Currency Scheme?

Everyday there seems to be another deal just like this Omnia Tech System. Is this a real legitimate opportunity for you to invest or just another ponzi scheme? Let’s find out…

This seems to be a trading platform that is based in the Crypto Currency Mining and MLM Niches.

Things to consider ‘Before’ Joining:

1- The Address: According to their website, they are based in the small Island of Malta (near Greece). However, there seems to be numerous businesses all sharing the ‘same’ address. Are they really located in Malta?

Products: There seems to be no retail able products other than the affiliate memberships themselves.

Services: There seems to be no services other than the affiliate memberships themselves.

7 Membership Plans to Choose From:

1- Starter: $100

2-Kick Starter: : $500

3- Light Miner: $1,000

4- Mid Miner: $3,000

5- Strong Miner: $$8,000

6- Master Miner: $15,000

7- Elite Miner: $25,000

Compensation Plan: 

Residual commissions are earned through a ‘binary’ compensation plan. Usually binary comp plans require you to get (2) people personally sponsored by you. This forms what is known as a left and right leg. Then you other spots in the matrix get filled up with direct and (indirect) placements.

Direct would mean by you.

Indirect would mean by ‘up line’ sponsorship and the company itself.

Recruitment commissions: You can make 10% of all the money invested (by your personally sponsored / recruited affiliates and members).

Omnia Tech seems to have been endorsed by a very well known mining company called Genesis Mining.


I visited Genesis Mining for myself and have noticed that for some reason you can directly invest there instead of using Omnia Tech as a ‘middle man’.

The numbers are more in your favor with going directly with Genesis. This raises a lot of questions as to why would Genesis endorse Omnia Tech? Are the owners of each company personal friends? Who really knows.

What this sounds like to me (in spite of this company and platform being involved with Crypto Currencies and Mining), is a HYIP (High Yield Investment Plan).

In truth it’s not but it is promising the great majority of investors an opportunity to make a lot of money for doing next to nothing in return for an ROI.

And when ever something offers profit for nothing, this usually means that it is a scam.

I am not going to say that this is indeed a scam, but I personally wouldn’t touch it or refer it to anyone myself. There are too many red flags (especially the fact of where is this company really located and by whom)?

the author rory singh

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