Mack Mills Digital Income Method and MCA VSL Review

I have seen and heard all kinds of things said about Mack. Some good and some bad. I never really thought too much in regards to the marketer. However, one day I ended up clicking on someone’s affiliate link and landed on a VSL for DIM (Digital Altitude Mack VSL). I was blown away!

Please note: Yes this review is a little biased since I myself have used his products successfully but also note that I am not writing this just to get people to my affiliate link.

Any links in this post go directly to Mack’s personal affiliate link.

I even tested this VSL with 10 different people and compared it with other powerful online systems like MLSP (My Lead Systems Pro) and Empower Network.

Every one of them said they preferred the one with the dude on the beach drinking Guinness.

I have seen many video sales letters online to date (since 2005) and have got to say that Mack’s is by far one of the best VSL’s for various different systems (including Digital Altitude and Motor Club of America).

I myself actually joined Digital Altitude under Mack because of Mack’s VSL.

Yes DA is an incredible opportunity, has value based products and a comp plan like no other but I joined DA because of Mack’s system.

This review is more of a testimonial for Mack’s products than a traditional review but after all…most people want to hear real life results with certain products right?

DA VSL: If you are looking to use his VSL for DA, it will cost you $97 monthly or a one time payment of $497.

This link will take you directly to Mack’s Link: Get Mack’s System

MCA VSL: You can get access to Mack’s direct link to right here for Motor Club of America: This system will cost you $27 monthly.

Bells and whistles: You will get multiple ‘highly’ converting lead capture pages and video sales letters. These systems even have tracking built in. But I hope you paid attention to the words “highly converting” because if it’s income online that you are after, this is what should matter most with any VSL.

My personal experience?

For me personally, I have found that what ever Mack says he is going to give you…you will get!

He stands behind his systems and products.

After a very short while of just using one of his VSL’s, I quickly made a few grand in profit.

What ever Mack touches…turns to gold!

I have seen other people claim that Mack is arrogant. Yes this dude doesn’t mince words. He will tell you what ever is on his mind at any given moment in time.

But to reference what my father told me years ago…

My own Dad told me that most people won’t like me because I am a lot like him (like my Dad)…He said that most people will not like the fact that I am straight up and to the point…plain spoken.

He also said that most people would rather hear things ‘sugar coated’ (and get stabbed in the back) than to hear the truth.

Well the good news is Mack doesn’t sugar coat anything. He will tell you it like it is (whether you like the facts or not).

Can everyone market ‘multiple’ biz opps like Mack?

Personally I would say most people can’t. But he can!

Should you join Mack’s Systems?

Only if you like making money.

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