IGlobAd Review – Legitimate Business or Scam?

This IGlobAd review was created by someone NOT trying to sell it to you. So if you are truly serious about your success and profit line, then do yourself a favor and go through this report before joining. There are some serious issues that need to be addressed!

Quick Facts:

1- Company: Based out of London (according to their website¬†www.iglobad.com) however this may only be it’s shell location. Most likely it’s being run out of another country altogether.

2- Founder: They are naming Mackenzie Carter as the CEO.

3- Product Line: No ‘retail able’ products or services. However their membership is linked to Ads.

For more details regarding the company, platform and especially the Compensation Plan (how you make money), Watch this video:


Hopefully you watched the video above. It had a lot more details that you would really need to consider before joining IGlobAd. I do both positive and negative reviews. But for this particular system…I would advise you to ‘tread’ with caution! Too many red flags (especially the promise of income)!

Here is my No.1 Recommended Online Business Opportunity. We actually provide you with all the training (traffic and lead gen), the tools and a very lucrative (and legitimate) offer!

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