Gold Rush Cash Review – Read This Review Before Joining!

Read this Review of Gold Rush Cash before shelling out any dollars! Maybe you just heard about this very new income opportunity and MLM deal that has been circulating around the Internet. Hoping to finally find the ‘one’ that works for you? Then saddle up because we are going for a ride to la la land…

Before I go any further, always be careful when ever you see an opportunity that promises you income but doesn’t show any company admins or anyone in charge (behind the opportunity).

To me, those are definitely red flags right there!

I visited the companies website over at and can’t for the life of me figure out exactly who is behind this company.

Start Up Cost / Investment:

All I can make out is it’s some kind of 2 X 2 Matrix deal that you can get started with for just $100.

How to Make Money?

1- Pay $100 for a Matrix position.

2- Find 2 people to go below you (get started through your affiliate link).

3- Help those two find their two and so on and so on.

4- Once all of the positions below you are filled, the two people below you (called your legs), then the two positions below each of them needs to be filled.

5- You get paid $100.

Sounds Easy?

In reality you may feel like you found a real legit income opportunity (or not) and may be excited to share it with the world. But in reality, most people that you might encounter (especially if you are planning on recruiting people you know like family and friends) may not be as excited as you.


Because you may be an Entrepreneur (or an ‘up coming’ Entrepreneur) but most likely they are not.

No Refunds!

Yes you read that right. Plus who is the ‘mysterious’ admins who hide behind biz opps like these? You couldn’t even get a refund if you wanted one because who will give it to you?


In a nutshell this definitely seems like an income opportunity. But the problem is that the only ones who ever seem to make money in ‘secret’ businesses like these are the very same people who start them.

Should You Join?

All I will say is…use your common sense and intuition.

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