Digital Altitude Review – May The ‘Force’ Be With You!

Get a peak behind Michael Force’s well oiled Big Ticket machine. Will you finally ‘breakthrough the ice and reach the summit with this one? Or will you just end up spinning your wheels and getting nowhere in a hurry?

Let’s find out now…

Founder: This company and system is founded by Michael Force who is an ex Marine and top industry leader in the direct sales industry for the last 10 years or so.

He was a Marine and without a doubt, a very disciplined person.

No one could reach the level of Marine without discipline, stamina and lots of will.

I have seen some of the military and ex military come to this industry and make life changing income for themselves first hand.

I actually coached someone in the past who was in ‘active’ duty US Military overseas in Afghanistan to build a previous business (that Michael was a top earner in) and she actually started making Big Ticket sales online that started at $1,500.

This girl started building her business and started making sales that put $1,000 to $5,000 (net) into her pockets WHILE there was a war going on!

She started having success mainly because she was able to make herself ‘take action daily‘ while following through with what I told her to do.

So yes, if you have the discipline that is necessary (just like Michael), then you have a chance at making your breakthrough online.


The products seem to be geared around Internet Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Online Training. The first three products that they have to offer are ‘digital’ and you will have access to them online:

1- Aspire: Business building training, access to life coaches, access to websites and sales funnels and more!

Cost $37 to $127 per month. This first level product is a monthly subscription that you will pay every month until you cancel.

**Aspire has 3 different levels:

– Aspire Walker ($37 / mo):

Pays out 40%

Pays out on 1 tier only

Access to Members Area

Access to start up videos

-Aspire Hiker ($67 / mo):

Pays out 40% on tier 1 

Pays out 10% on tier 2 

Access to Members Area

Start Up Videos

Monthly Conference Calls

Weekly Training

-Aspire Climber ($127 / mo):

Pays out 45% on tier 1

Pays out 10% on tier 2

Pays out 5% on tier 3

Same frills as above.

The other products are ‘one time purchases’.

2- Base: More comprehensive training than rise that will help you plan, build and start your business online. You will learn about building your web presence, credibility, following, your brand and other fundamentals of online business building.

Cost $597.

3- Rise: This is the next step above base and considered the more advanced version. And as with anything more advanced comes advanced pricing.

Cost $1,997.

The next set of products that Digital Altitude has are ‘live’ conferences and retreats that take place periodically throughout the year…

4- Ascend: A three day training event and conference that is held in Las Vegas.

Cost $9,997.

5- Peak: A 5 day all inclusive retreat for two that will take place somewhere in the Caribbean. You will spend your time surrounded by entrepreneurs, speakers, trainers and the tropics.

Cost $16,997

6- Apex: A 7 day all inclusive retreat for two that will take place somewhere in Europe. This retreat is more geared towards ‘investing’ your money and learning how to have it working for you instead of the other way around. The other two events prior to this one revolved around business building.

Cost $27,997.

Additional products…

There are a slew of add on products and services that cost between $15 to $1,500 per month.

Compensation Plan:

You can make between 40% to 60% commissions.

Should you join?

Digital Altitude is a Marketing (and Entrepreneurial) Platform that is transforming the lives of many people right now. Believe it or not I have seen some very new (and green) marketers who have already managed to put some thousands of dollars in commission under their belt. Yes it’s true. How did they do it? By leveraging the power (and momentum) of this system.


The system is converting very well largely due to the idea of their revolutionary ‘Coach Assist’ Program.

Most new marketers are not good on the phone in regards to connecting and closing prospects.

With the Coach Assist program, you will have the ability of Experienced Coaches doing the phone and sales part of this business for you.

Do you want to ‘leverage’ this huge wave of momentum that is happening right now?

Yes DA is being compared to the Empower Networks Success (EN created over $200 Million in sales for affiliates who actively ran with them).

But you must realize that the people who made most of the money in EN were the people who ran and built their own little Empires from 2011 to 2013.

And the same thing is happening right now with DA.

I predict that DA will surpass Empower’s $200 Million in overall sales within the first two years alone.

However, when all that’s done and said, most people who join systems like DA end up failing.

And it’s not because most people can’t succeed.

It’s because most people ‘lack’ the right Mindset for success and believe it or not…

Most people are hell bent on not changing their minds!

If you’re not willing to change your mindset (if your not liking the results you’re getting right now online and in life), then what’s the point in going any further?

Without understanding a few things (that the great majority of biz opp seekers don’t get), no system or opportunity will ever work for you.

rory-singh-the-authorAnd here’s the kicker…

Some newbie guy or gal is going to come into DA with zero experience and become so successful that they will end up leaving a legacy behind for their family.

How will they do it?

By finding the ‘right’ coach / mentor and actually listening to directions.

A lot of folks join DA because they see the ‘great potential’ for income but then they soon figure out that successful marketing is a process with real steps involved (end up seeking me out online for help).

This happens every day!

This may sound harsh but it needs to be said…

But I am very busy and ONLY have time to work with my ‘personally’ enrolled affiliates (my ‘own’ team).


Rory Singh

Rory is a Husband, Father and Entrepreneur from Ontario, Canada. If you got some value here today and would like to connect, reach out to me on Facebook.


  1. Thanks Rory for the blog review of DA. I have heard lots about it online. I think there are so many great businesses out there – the key is finding the best one for you. Thanks again for sharing 🙂

  2. Digital Altitude is an e-learning marketing business which aims to help people in scaling greatly and beginning a digital business. Thanks Rory for sharing review of digital altitude.

  3. Raire

    are you a coach can you coach me my coach is always unavailable and i need to quickly get this done to start making money

  4. Great review my friend. Always good to hear an honest opinion. Product reviews are a great way to let others, who know like and trust you make a well balanced decision. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hi Rory Singh,

    I’m Madeleine Bridges from Australia,
    I’m at the “Ascend Climber” level with DA,
    I currently have 1542 leads (no sales as yet) and a campaign running.
    I have purchased traffic from a reliable source, they guarantee 30% .
    I’m following up every day with Broadcasts to the list.
    Is anything else that you would advise me to do?
    Unfortunately, I donb’t know how to make videos.

    Thyank you so much for nyour time.

    Madeleine Bridges
    Queensland – Australia

    • Rory Singh

      Hi Madeleine. What you need to do is take a deep breath and maybe slow down a little. Making sales (with any system) isn’t just about marketing and leads. You may be putting out a lot of desperate energy (by seeing so many people making so much with the DA Platform). I would advise you to NOT try to ‘hammer’ your way to success. That will just work against you. Take a break from marketing for a day or so. And while you are doing so…contact your coach (or sponsor).

      Hope this makes sense.

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