BTC Team Profits Review – Legitimate ROI or Scam?

Can you really make money with BTC Team Profits? Yes and NO! Some people will make MOST of the money with a system like this and many may not make much (or anything at all).

Before I get into this review, success in any industry (even the make money online world) requires skills, practical experience and work. In every other industry these three things are the common denominators. So success in the internet marketing industry requires the same rules.

BTC Team Profits Company:

I went over to their website at and could not for the life of me find out who is running or owning this income investing platform. The domain was privately registered on Aug 19th, 2017 though. When any investment platform isn’t declaring who is really behind the show, this usually raises concern.

BTC Team Profits Compensation Plan:

This is basically a 5 X 10 Matrix.

BTC Team Profits Affiliates gift BTC to each other using a 5 X 10 Matrix.

How Does This Work? 

You gift 0.00005 BTC up to your sponsor in order to be take part in this investment system.

Level 1- 5 Positions below you:

Level 2- Each position splits into 5 more positions (25)

Level 3- Each of those 25 positions splits into another 5 positions (125)

Level 4- [125 X 5] = (625) positions

Level 5- [625 X 5] = (3,125) positions

Level 6- [3125 X 5] = (15,525) positions

Level 7- [15525 X 5] = (78,125) positions

Level 8- [78125 X 5] = (390,625) positions

Level 9- [390125 X 5] = (1,953,125) positions

Level 10- [1,953,125 X 5] = (9,765,625) positions


Level 1- Gift 0.0005 BTC up and receive 0.0005 BTC X 5

Level 2- Gift 0.0002 BTC up and receive 0.0002 BTC X 25

Level 3- Gift 0.0001 BTC up and receive 0.0001 BTC X 125

Level 4- Gift 0.00005 BTC up and receive 0.00005 BTC X 625

Level 5- Gift 0.00005 BTC up and receive 0.00005 BTC X 3,125

Level 6- Gift 0.00001 BTC up and receive 0.00001 BTC X 15,525

Level 7- Gift 0.00001 BTC up and receive 0.00001 BTC X 78,125

Level 8-  Gift 0.00001 BTC up and receive 0.00001 BTC X 390,625

Level 9- Gift 0.00001 BTC up and receive 0.00001 BTC X 1,953,125

Level 10- Gift 0.00001 BTC up and receive 0.00001 BTC X 9,765,625

Reoccurring Payments:

Gifting payments (BOTH) paid and received are reoccurring monthly payments.

Cost to join BTC Team Profits: 

Cost = 0.0005 BTC


The bulk of the profits will always be made by the admin / owners who in this case are anonymous. And the leaders who actively go out and do the sponsoring and recruiting make their cut. But the great majority of the people who just sit back and invest blindly (hoping to make money) usually make next to nothing or nothing at all.

These types of schemes end up collapsing as recruitment dies down.

It’s not a question of if but when.

I would proceed with caution on this system.

Success online in the make money industry requires a powerful legitimate system. And I am very picky about the systems that I choose to market.

Here the ONLY Income Opportunity that I will recommend…



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