Bitcoinaires Club Review – Find Out What They Aren’t Telling You!

Make sure to do your research before handing over any money to anyone especially new opportunities like Bitcoinaires Club that are based in the ever expanding market of Cryptocurrencies, bitcoins and even MLM based business opportunities. Has someone sent you their getting started link in an email?

Read this review before joining! There are some key points that you need to consider and even look for. Let’s begin…

I went over to their website at and noticed some issues right from the get go!

Company: Who owns (and runs this company)?

This is a mystery.

They seem to be hiding who is really behind this company and platform. Why would they do that? In order for systems to build trust and rapport with people, they really need to be ‘front and center’ with their company.


Because people buy into your ‘credibility’ first and your products second.

People are tired of being scammed and losing money.

Some other systems have gotten a little smarter and started putting pictures of people, names and even physical addresses but the problem lies when reviewers start doing research and find out that many company owners are using fakes stuff…Fake pictures, names and even fake addresses.

When this happens, it’s usually a scam that they are trying to cover up.

Now in regards to Bitcoinaires Club, who really knows?

There could be some really loving entrepreneurs behind this deal but we will never know until they surface.


They seem to be a ‘gifting scheme’ that is based in Cryptocurrencies and MLM.

Product Line: 

  • No Products
  • No Services

Other than the membership packages themselves.

Compensation Plan:

This is a 2 X 5 Matrix.

Membership Plans:

Level One: Gift 0.0023 BTC to your up line sponsor and receive 0.0023 BTC from 2 members in your down line.

Level Two: Gift 0.0028 BTC to your up line sponsor and receive 0.0028 BTC from 4 members below you.

Level Three: Gift 0.0046 BTC and receive 0.0046 BTC from 8 members.

Level Four: Gift 0.0184 BTC and receive 0.0184 BTC from 16 members.

Level Five: Gift 0.0918 BTC and receive 0.0918 from 32 members.

Cost to Join: 

0.0023 BTC on the front end.

0.1199 BTC to be fully positioned.


Should you join?

the author rory singh

This is your money and your decision. For me personally, I wouldn’t touch it.


I lost money in the past due to similar types of schemes collapsing. Plus I have made it a point to never send money to anyone who isn’t being transparent and up front.

They are not telling you who is really behind this company.

This is a red flag to me.

But this does not mean that they are a scam. If they continue to function and do what they promise to do, this can be a real way to make some profit. However, most of these types of deals end up collapsing over time when the smoke (and excitement) settles.

Most of these business opportunities die out due to recruiting dying down.

This concludes my review of Bitcoinaires Club.

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