BiG Coin Machine Review – Be Very Careful!

Read this Review of Bit Coin Machine BEFORE shelling out any dollars! Almost everyday it seems like one of these ‘bitcoin’ MLM deals seems to be launching. Find out if this is the real deal or just a well thought up scam.

Right from the get go… seemed like I should put my guard up.

There is very little info in regards to who is behind this company. Would you give your hard earned money to someone you didn’t know? What I mean is…would you go to a bank with no tellers or managers and make a deposit with your money?

Probably not!

Their website looks like a very poorly designed blog.

Not trying to lay insult here but just stating the truth.

If a company wants to create revenue (especially in the bitcoin industry), wouldn’t they at least invest in a professional programmer and designer?

I know I would.

This blog of mine is Plain Jane because it’s effective enough for what I want it to do…create reviews.

But if I were going to ask people to ‘invest’ in my own company, I would surely invest in it first before asking another soul to do the same.

Product Line:

No real products other than their big coin machine membership fee. No products.

Cost To Join:

0.025 BTC or just under $46 USD when you convert.

Big Coin Machine Compensation Plan:

2 X 4 Matrix.

How Do You Make Money?

1- You have to pay the 0.025 BTC or $46 USD and ‘gift’ that to the person who recruited you.

2- Recruit or sponsor 2 people under you to start building your own matrix.

3- Help your two new recruits (left and right legs) find their first two recruits and so on.

Big Coin Machine seems to be claiming that you will only need to find ‘two’ people and everything will run smooth and easy.

The Problem?

Finding your first two people and helping them to find theirs and so on can be a very hard thing to do. Most people keep joining these types of deals because they seem ‘easy’ and cost effective to join.

the author rory singh


After some more digging I found out that a person by the name of Bilal Hadi seems to be behind this company. Plus they are somehow linked to another company called Crypto Adz which seems to have closed down over a year ago. That deal seemed very similar to this deal.

In reality…even though these types of biz opps seem very easy to do, they aren’t.


Because as easy as it seems to find two people to shell out 0.025 ($46 USD) to join your organization, it usually isn’t.


Because if you are like most people, you are not trained in the ‘skill’ of lead generation and will have to result to the 3 foot rule. That’s a rule where you go out and try to recruit friends and family and anyone within a 3 foot distance to you.

Sure some folks are good at personal selling but most people are not.

I am not going to call this an ‘outright’ scam but would advise you to tread very carefully!

Still want to make an income online without having to run around town and ‘personally’ sell to anyone? Well here’s a life changing income opportunity that is literally having a ‘huge wave of momentum’ (that is happening right now and one that you can leverage and ride!).

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