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After covering the cost of your vehicle gas, you will need to pay Avon for all your sales catalogues,
materials, bags and packaging, samples and whatever else you need to market your Avon business.

There's also several additional behind the scenes functions which  involve completing forms,  
tremendous piles of paperwork, phoning customers, processing orders on the phone,  and considering
back orders and whatever problems your recruits (If you brought in any new reps under you)  or
customers might have.
Keep in mind that Avon also has a great refund policy for their customers.  Bad for you.  If a
customers chooses to return certain products, you incur the loss in commission after all the hard
work, effort and smiles you put into your business.

Avon offers
brownie points for introducing new members to build your team of representatives.   

Who is Avon?
Avon Products, Inc is a US cosmetics, toy seller, perfume  company with markets in over 140
countries across the world and sales of $9.9 billion worldwide as of 2007.  Avon Products is a multi-
level marketing company or if you have ever hear the term MLM.


If you are considering making money with Avon, here are some facts you should know:-

  • Avon products are sold primarily through independent reps. They will not sell direct to you.
  • Avon's product lines include lipsticks, foundations, bath and skin lotions, anti-aging cream,
    perfumes, as well as jewellery and clothing.
  • Avon uses both door-to-door sales people ("Avon ladies," primarily) and catalogues to
    advertise their products.
  • Avon also encourages Home Parties to promote products and to accumulate sales.

3 Phase Positioning With Avon:-

Phase I                Starter Level                Your Cost:  Phase I     Kit -- $60.00.  
A complete in-home training package that comes into its own 3-ring binder. The topics covered in
your training include the fundamentals of Skin Care, Color & Fragrance, Consultative Selling and
Customer Service, as well as in-depth training on . With your purchase of the Phase I Kit, you become
an Avon Beauty Advisor.
Phase I Kit -- $60.00.  

Phase II                Second Level                                              Your Cost: $125.00
A one-day, live, for-fee professional training class, Graduate qualifies you as a Certified Beauty

Phase III                Third Level                Your Cost: $600.00
Beauty Advisor career opportunity
  • Thinking of becoming an AVON Representative?  
  • Wondering how Avon works and if Avon will work for you?
  • Read this  Mathematical breakdown of how you can make money
    with Avon.
Basic Start Up Cost

Once you begin marketing Avon, you aren't working for Avon.
That's THE  most common misunderstanding.   You pay them a
minimal fee of $10 dollars to become an Independent

You do not have to 'stockpile' any products however, they will
offer you some kind of 'incentives' like buying some bulk items at
a discount. Be careful not to buy any products that you may not
be able to move yourself no matter how
appealing it may sound to
you at the time.

How to Make Money

You then take orders from buyers in your market and earn
commissions from each sale that you make.

You begin making 40% earnings for the first two "campaigns".
Each campaign lasts for 2 weeks. You will be getting 40% for the
first 4 weeks . After that, you get anywhere from 10 to 50%,
depending on the sales you make.
Avon - How it works - How much can you
How Much Can You Make Selling Avon?

If you're going to make some form of serious money with this company  "You need to distribute about
$2000 worth of products per campaign to become eligible to make the fifty percent" and that is only on
SOME products. There are several products where you'll always ONLY make 20 percent profit.

So, basically for every 1K that you sell, you can earn approximately 400 to 450 dollars.

Earnings / Commissions

$1 - 119.99 = 10% profit
$120 - 214.99 = 20% profit
$215 - 319.99 = 30% profit
$320 - 464.99 = 35% profit
$465 - 1064.99 = 40% profit
$1065 - 1,684.99 = 45% profit
$1,685 or more = 50% profit


Don't forget that you must deliver all of your products to your buyers as well. That can take  plenty of
time, not to mention the cost of fuel for your vehicle, and maintenance. The average buyer
only buys
about $25 worth of products during whatever campaign. That implies you will require about
buyers to establish the $2000 sales you need to acquire the 50% profit. That's driving to a
hundred people's houses just to make one thousand dollars every two weeks subtracting your business
Please note this paragraph estimate is only for those reps who wish to pursue a sales
volume of $2,000 or over to maintain the 50 percent profit margin.
Should you join Avon?

If you are looking for a way to make extra money (and you are an adult with adult type bills to
pay) then I wouldn't honestly recommend Avon to you.


Well my wife used to sell it and although she was capable of making a profit, it just wasn't
worth it in the long run.


Because Avon makes the rep (you the person doing all the work) take on all the expenses like
buying brochures to sell their products, bags, other accessories, gas and maintenance for
your car (if you have one and you will need one if you want to make anything substantial with

Look, I am not saying that you shouldn't have any start up expenses to get a business up and
running because being an independent Avon rep is having your own little business.

However, I strongly believe that Avon should be paying you guys more than just 35% per sale
after doing all that work and taking on Avon's own expenses that they are pawing off on you
(the distributor).

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Avon pays out wussy commissions that are not even
fit for a child. If you are looking for a way
increase your income without leaving your home, driving around to sell products and having
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