Network Marketing Opportunities – MLM Opportunities

The Best Network Marketing and MLM Opportunities are the ones that make you Money.

They are REAL brick and mortar businesses that market their products through Independent Reps (distributors).

They are real businesses that ordinary people can use as a vehicle to make an extraordinary lifestyle. No other career in the US and Canada has produced more millionaires than this industry has.

According to Robert T Kiyosaki (author of Rich Dad Poor Dad), network marketing is ‘the’ business of the 21st century.

Yes people who have have shunned this industry for years are being forced to consider this as an option to create extra income due to the current economic financial conditions. People nowadays are either looking for ways to increase their incomes or looking for ways to leverage their time because most people are just plain burn’t out.

If your looking for a way to better yours and your family’s lifestyle, then good for you because you are the type of person who is taking matters into your own hands and that my friend is being ‘empowered’.

Some people come to this industry looking for Big Fancy Cars:


Others come because this industry promises a better lifestyle:

Steps to Prosperity

Maybe you are here today looking for ‘ways’ to make more money but I think that the real reason you are here is because you might be looking for Peace of ‘Mind':

Calm-peace-inner peace

The network marketing industry sure is seeing an influx of people coming into our industry each and everyday. Here are some astonishing facts:

  1. Someone gets started every 11 seconds with a home based business.
  2. 75000 to 100,000 people subscribe to the Internet everyday.
  3. WordPress alone is reporting staggering numbers like 100,000 new websites are being created everyday.
  4. 33 Percent of all new millionaires have achieved it in network marketing.
  5. According to Forbes – 79,000,000 people will start new businesses in the next 3 to 5 years.

There is no ‘recession’ on the world wide web. Leaders and entrepreneurs are not born but ‘created’.

the rory singh

About the Author:¬†Rory Singh is an Entrepreneur from Ontario, Canada. Traditional Network Marketing and MLM is far too ‘limited’as to how many people you can recruit (and most companies payout little nickel and dime commissions that are way too low for the ‘average’ adult). There is a better way to ‘market’ your business. Leverage the POWER of the Internet Like I do to take your business to levels you might not even comprehend right now.

10 thoughts on “Network Marketing Opportunities – MLM Opportunities

  1. I read a comment today on Warrior Forum speaking about funnel clicks and trusted solo ad vendors. About solo ad vendors, could you recommend about 5 that you like and trust? Thank you.

    • Hi Robin, I am not currently using solo ads but have in the past. Solo ads need to be ‘tested’ before you decide to buy any packages. Make sure you opt in to each solo ad provider and test the waters for yourself. See what kind of emails that they are sending out. Also see how ‘frequently’ they send them. Lastly, make sure that you add some kind of ‘tracking’ link to your landing page to see how much traffic and leads you captured. I sent you a list of solo ad provider but I have not yet tested them so use caution.

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