Network Marketing and MLM Opportunities

You’ll Never Prosper from this ‘Trillion’ Dollar Industry Without True LEVERAGE!

This industry has created More Millionaire’s than any other career in the US and Canada but this information will not benefit you in any way unless you understand a few things…

Network Marketing Opportunities are REAL brick and mortar businesses that market their products through Independent Reps (distributors). And these companies make 97% of all the income generated because they are NOT sharing the REAL Truth with you.

Do you know how they (companies) make money?

They figure that the ‘average’ new marketer or rep has the ‘ability’ to make 3 ‘warm’ market sales to family and friends. So if the great majority of business opportunity seekers have a glass ‘ceiling’ of 3 sales (based on experience and skill sets) then how do these companies still make a fortune?

By getting a ‘whole’ bunch of people to sell a few products, that’s how. Imagine thousands or distributors all inside of one company making 2 or 3 sales to uncle Buck or aunt Becky? It creates a lot of wealth for them (but not for you) because how much profit can you make from three sales?

And what will happen to you after you have burned through your warm market list and have exhausted your business lead supply?

You may be forced to go around putting out ‘desperate’ energy trying to pitch your opportunity to anyone with a heartbeat hoping that someone will buy from you.

But who will buy from you if you are being overwhelmed by desperation?

And how much leverage do you really have (with outdated training from the sixties) running around all by yourself with ONLY 24 hours per day? And for what? Nickel and dime compensation?

Look guys, their compensation plan is designed for ‘one’ purpose – To line the company’s pockets with your hard earned effort. They make the lion’s share of the profits and you the rep or distributor has to do all the work.

Can you see where I am going with this?

Yes this industry has created more millionaires than any other career but (and this is a big but) the ‘majority’ of these millionaires didn’t do what these companies are teaching you to do.

They did something completely different!

According to Robert T Kiyosaki (author of Rich Dad Poor Dad), network marketing is ‘the’ business of the 21st century.

So what can you do to ‘turn’ things around in your favor?

Bare with me for a little while longer. Keep reading…

Some people come to this industry looking for Big Fancy Cars.

Others come because this industry promises a better lifestyle.

Maybe you are here today looking for ‘ways’ to make more money but I think that the real reason you are here is because you might be looking for Peace of ‘Mind’.

You will Never get your piece of the pie until you get peace of mind!

So what can you do?

You (like the millionaires before you) will have to ‘Leverage’ the POWER of the Internet and have your prospects coming to you instead of the other way around! 

Here is a recipe for success:

1) Pick (1) system, opportunity or product (that pay out commissions high enough to meet your needs)

2) Pick (1) marketing method that you feel that you could do. Master it.

3) Put aside time everyday: 1 – 2 hours if you have a one year goal. 4 – 6 hours (or more) per day if you want to make a break through within the next 90 days.

And do this consistently, don’t give up and don’t give in to your mind because it will try to ‘talk’ you out of reaching your ‘vision’.

4) Personal development (Daily): Now this is where you listen to your audio’s, training material, motivational and personal development material. This stuff must be done every day but in your downtime like: Commuting, transit, jogging and even before you go to bed..

This step is just as important as the 1st one. This is ‘shaping’ your mind or ‘mindset’ so that you stay ‘focused’, enthusiastic and know that you deserve the things that you are asking for.

God or the ‘Universe’ always gives you more than you ask for.

But not until you ‘realize’ that you are ‘deserving’ of them.

5- Look for a Leader (like me): Look for someone who already has the results that you are looking for. I work with everyone on my team one on one (as long as they are willing to ‘commit’ to themselves and their business).

6- Leverage the Success of Others: This is also very important. I frequently answer questions posted over at the Warrior Forum and have noticed a lot of madness going on…

There are millions of ‘new’ people coming online each and every day. The great majority of them can spend years trying to ‘piece’ together all this make money stuff. Literally! And that is what most of them are trying to do!

Others are telling them to go out and create their own lists, blogs followers and even their own products.

I mean no offence here but can you imagine brand spanking new people who have no idea how this [Make Money] industry really works going out and ‘developing’ their own products?

And who will really follow you if you have no story yet?

What I mean is a ‘success’ story. People are so hungry for leadership (and yes you will grow into one if you aren’t as yet) that they are ‘actively’ seeking out the best of the best!

When you are new it isn’t always easy to get people to follow, know, like and trust you. Especially if you have no story yet.

So what do you do next?

Click here and you will be redirected to my personal webpage. Once you are there I will present you with a system that ‘incorporates everything I mentioned above and this creates what is known my friend as…

The ‘Perfect’ Storm for your Success (all under ‘one’ roof!)

Rory Singh The AuthorRory Singh is an Entrepreneur from Ontario, Canada. He is also a loving husband and father of 3 beautiful boys. He is a family man first and entrepreneur second. He has been sharing strategies, tips and information with other entrepreneurs since 2005.

This website is his way of ‘giving’ back to the universe and this wonderful industry. If you have found this content useful or valuable, please comment, like and share it. Please support ‘original’ content bloggers. Thanks for stopping by!

Here is a Powerful New System that is geared for the serious entrepreneur who wants to make big money today! Not one or two years from now. If you are going to play this ‘Make Money Game’, then why not Play Big or not play at all?

  • I’m interested on these

  • I am very Diversity Networking. Strategy

  • please send me information on new Network Marketting Opportunity

  • I read a comment today on Warrior Forum speaking about funnel clicks and trusted solo ad vendors. About solo ad vendors, could you recommend about 5 that you like and trust? Thank you.

    • Hi Robin, I am not currently using solo ads but have in the past. Solo ads need to be ‘tested’ before you decide to buy any packages. Make sure you opt in to each solo ad provider and test the waters for yourself. See what kind of emails that they are sending out. Also see how ‘frequently’ they send them. Lastly, make sure that you add some kind of ‘tracking’ link to your landing page to see how much traffic and leads you captured. I sent you a list of solo ad provider but I have not yet tested them so use caution.

  • Send me info please

  • Hi Rhonda, I just did.

  • Hi hope u’r doing great. Im affiliated with an online business where one needs just 5-6 people in their immediate team. Team’s team will also be my team upto 12 levels dependin upon my rank in th company. So if everyone has 5-6 members its like 30-40k team members and everyone gettin around $.6 per member every month. It seems very easy plan but im somehow strugglin to make people understand and work with commitment. Can u guide what it is im lackin? its my first venture in online income. thanks in advance

  • Hi Mohit. Not everyone that joins you will be willing to put in the required effort and commitment (even if the plan is easy). You can only spend your time helping those who are ‘willing’ to follow your guidance and support.

    Trying to help those who don’t have enough interest to pursue their success, will only burn you out.

  • Rory, it is refreshing to have an honest guru telling us exactly as it is, without all the hype and pushing new shiny objects on the unsuspecting Newbies! Just wish I saw this article a few years ago because I have paid the price of not having someone like you to share the truth on how to build my businesses the right way. I now am in the Domain buying and selling Niche and enjoy doing this very much and with experience have become good at it. I would encourage anyone in Network Marketing to hook up with you due to your experience & success and also because you value and prioritize your Family! Best Wishes to you and your Students!

    • Hi Paul. Thanks for all the kind words. I will do my best to live up to them. Good to hear that you are doing well. To your success!

  • Hello, Rory Singh

    It’s great pleasure for me that you commented on my post in W forum. I referred from there. Your blog is neat and clean and your writing style is very attractive. I commented here as i am a networker also from 2009. I will be very glad if you look after my blog.

    Thanks by
    Al Mamun

    • Hi Al. I looked at your blog and it seems like you have good content. Your posts are also getting ranked on Google nicely for exact phrase matches. Thanks for your kind words and your comment. Keep up the good work!

  • Rory!! You Knocked it out of the park! Lottery Mindset will never produce Wining results in Our business, Or ANY Business for that matter. Well written and thoughtful post!

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